The sky was gold streaks and white streaks, an expensive look, stormy. Diagonals ruled. Under the streaks came blue woodland in bar shapes, sliced up by firebreaks. Somewhere there my brother Ray lived."

As Rivers Flow

Assumin'," she adds between kisses, "you will be lookin' your best as we get outta here. I don't want us goin' someplace and you arrivin' like a flower."

Call It Tender

Father said he would put his kettle on. Shuffling to the kitchen he picked up the phone. Put it down. Came back and sat down; wondered why no water boiled."

As Rivers Flow

Miss Heidi said I could write in my diary Miss Heidi introduced me to sex, there was a broom cupboard on the third floor and we were to go there straight away and we did."

The Most Serene Republic

Your time roaming is over, no more wild praries, no lullaby in the bushes not far from Kenwood, no viola in the corner."

even the butterfly must endure the storm


Cadaverine: How did you get into writing?

Tracing backwards to my teens, I was always very interested in reading fiction. I didn't feel I could possibly write anything coherent myself until I was thirty or so. In my mid thirties I took almost two years off work to read more and start writing. After writing for about two years a story was taken by The Fiction Magazine, an excellent place to be published at that time. The Fiction Magazine took two further stories and other magazines also became interested.

Independent Ink: Did any single event inspire you to begin your writing, or has it been something that you've always known or felt a passion for?

Since I was a teenager I had a great interest in fiction and suspected I would like at some point to try writing it myself. There followed a very gradual process, over a period of years. It began with reading, grew into attempting to write, and then became writing regularly.

Short Review: How long did it take you to write all the stories in your collection?

Making time to write can involve huge amounts of time. I might write two stories in eight days but I will have spent six months making the space for those eight days. In that sense this collection probably took me two to three years. My two previous collections each took about five years.

This can be read at Axon Journal's issue Vol 5 No 2.